TOLYPEUTES is an adventure for all ages, focused on a group of kids living in a big futuristic seaship after the world was half swallowed by the rise of ocean levels. The story brings a lot of science references to stimulate the interest for reading and scientific analysis.

The project is approved by both laws of incentive – Lei Rouanet in Brazil and PRoac in Sao Paulo. We´re now looking for companies who´d be interested to join us in this epic adventure, to bring TOLYPEUTES to our world throughout an incredible motioncomic app – an application that mixes illustration, animation, music and sound effects for tablets and desktops – and its printed version as a graphic novel.

Draconian is working on several projects for print and digital devices. We focus on quality, storytelling and innovative user experience. Each product has its specific type of public; we make stories for all ages, genres and tastes. Stay tuned for the upcoming launches on our website and facebook fanpage.

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