MASCATE is a motioncomic – an application that mixes illustration, animation, music and sound effects – produced by Draconian Comics for iOS or Android tablets, as well as desktops through the Chrome browser. It´s an 18+ story filled with action and gore, largely mentioned on media and blocked on Apple 2 times for its subversive content. If you´re a fan of post-apocalyptic novels, MASCATE is surely going to impress you. The App comes with a feature that allow you to choose the language – portuguese, english and spanish.

IOS Tablet

Android Tablet

Chrome Store Desktop

Draconian is working on several projects for print and digital devices. We focus on quality, storytelling and innovative user experience. Each product has its specific type of public; we make stories for all ages, genres and tastes. Stay tuned for the upcoming launches on our website and facebook fanpage.

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